How do you make the creatures? ~

 I make the main shape out of wire, which I bend and bind using pliers, then add a layer of newspaper. When that is dry I add another layer of my chosen vintage paper. It's then finished with a few coats of water based varnish.

 ~ What paper mache paste do you use? ~

I make a traditional paste using plain flour and water.

~ Do you use chicken wire? ~

No, the wire I use comes as a large reel.

~ Do you sign your work? ~

Most of my pieces include at least one small painted toadstool, I usually add one behind the ear of a creature and then add a couple to the base. On pieces that are too small to have a toadstool I add a label with my name on it.

~ Do you do custom or commissioned work? ~

The nature of how I make, and the materials that I use, mean that each piece is unique. However I am always happy to discuss any ideas and options there may be. If this is of interest then please feel free to contact me.

~ Where can I buy your work? ~

At the moment I sell through a few regular stockists & participate in several exhibitions and shows each year, as well as selling online here in my 'shop' & through madebyhandonline. There are more details & links on my 'info' page.

~ Do you make everything yourself? ~

Yes. The only help I get is from the shed elf (aka Agnes the madness.....a rather mischievous kitty) who likes to help 'sort' through my vintage papers.

~ Is your workshop open to the public? ~

No. Unfortunately there's barely enough space for the cat to swing a mouse.....

~ Do you do workshops? ~

Not at the moment, but I'm hoping to start doing them soon.

~ Do you take on work placements or apprentices? ~

No. I'm still trying to train the cat!