If you would like to contact me, for whatever reason, even just to say hello then please email me at: 


I can be a bit of a flibbertygibbert so may not get back to you instantly. If I don't reply to you within a week please contact again as sometimes mail gets caught in the trash filter & can get easily lost amongst the constant onslaught of junk & spam mail. If you need to contact me urgently then please call me on:


This will, more often than not, go to answer machine. This is purely as I have my phone on silent and only check it when I'm making a fresh pot of tea. I will ring you back.....pinky promise.....but only during 'normal' working hours.



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Contemporary Craft Festival, Bovey Tracey, Devon. 9th ~ 11th June 2017




Goat Street Gallery, St. David's, Haverfordwest, Wales.

 The Gallery Norfolk, Cromer & Norwich, Norfolk.